Retirement Landscape: Income Tax Rates

Real estate has generally been viewed as a safe, predictable venture but with increasing vacancies in urban centers,
diversifying your portfolio and investment opportunities will be critical. Individuals and businesses are re-assessing the costs and benefits of living and working in cities that no longer have the offerings that historically made them attractive. As we see institutions like performing and visual arts venues, restaurants, and basic infrastructure suffer, many people are opting for different scenery and larger plots of green. Office and commercial space will continue to see a decline as the remote working trend seems to be a popular option with many.  

With all this in mind, we’ve created a handy map to guide you in any potential move or investments across the United States. Geography can play an important role in maintaining tax savings and building assets. Armed with information and preparation, this could be one transition in 2021 that is both exciting and advantageous to you and your family in more ways than one.